Halloween At TMI

By Harry Campbell

Last Thursday was Halloween and the bright and talented members of TMI were preparing for an evening to remember. Karaoke! Over the years it has become somewhat of a tradition. On Halloween night, we begin with a couple drinks in the office while people prepare their costumes and the excitement builds. This year was particularly spine chilling with a marvellous selection of costumes. Special mentions to Jackie Yen For his portrayal of The Joker and to Theofano Zourgou for her Cruella de Vil. Once the finishing touches of face paint had been applied and pictures taken for the record, we set off for the Four Seasons, China Town.

Upon arrival, we were shown to the karaoke room where we would spend most of the evening. New bonds would be formed as we shamelessly sung the night away. It would be fair to describe the room as cosy which only added to the team building spirit of the evening.

After an hour or so of singing it was time for some well-earned food. Spring rolls and chicken wings would prove to be fan favourites. The feasting didn’t last long however as we were keen to get back on the mic. A few notable performances would be Anson NG’s rendition of Touch My Body and of course the group’s cover of Call Me Maybe.

As the evening wore on, people began to drop off and come eleven thirty, it was time to leave the restaurant. For most, understandably, this heralded the end of the evening but not for all. A few hardcore individuals were not going to give up that easily. So on to O’Neill’s it was!

After an evening of fast drinking and loud singing, a quiet pint in O’Neill’s before heading home was the perfect way to wrap things up. I feel confident in speaking on behalf TMI when I say this tradition will live on for years to come.

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