The Media Image Goes Escape Room

On March 29th, a cold and gloomy day, the TMI office set out on a dangerous, yet intriguing journey of getting rich in a quick, Ocean’s Eleven style through an organized bank heist of stealing her Majesty’s sacred jewels.  

Two competing teams signed up for this challenge of infiltrating bank’s premises and securing the expensive jewels undetected. Team A consisted of wonderful personalties coming from various parts of the galaxy: Alistair Kerr, TMI’s own Sheldon Cooper, Alexander Peel, Chewbaca with extreme powers of moving heavy objects (which turned out to be completely useless superpower), Angela Moura, trustworthy and reliable team’s quartermaster, Roy Coughlan, self-proclaimed captain of this galactic band, James MacNay, captain’s knowledgeable and experienced navigator, and finally, BenG, the wildcard.  

 On the other hand, Team B assembled a group of extraordinary individuals with truly extravagant superpowers: Nakul Pande, the lord Pande with the mighty beard that tingles whenever it senses danger, Rob Westlake, a thick-skinned man that is unafraid of cold temperatures, Jackie Yen, the jester of the group with power to improve everybody’s mood, Josh Woodend, the group’s caretaker with handy tools hidden within his man-bun, and lastly, Irina Soldatenkova, an ex-KGB agent.    

 It was a tight and heated battle between two teams, as both of them were eager to snag the queen’s riches. Ultimately, Team A, which utilized their galactic technology of cellphone cheated and fled the scene victorious. Nevertheless, Team B vowed their revenge in the upcoming challenges.

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