Data and Technology


The intersection between data, especially first party and media performance, is now greater than ever. In a privacy first world, the collation, analysis and actualization of data is key to driving success in a complex and often cluttered media and consumer landscape.

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Technology and Data-Influenced Decisions

Our large BI infrastructure ensures that our proprietary solutions, best in class adtech and team of data scientists are bringing insight to life for the sole purpose of assisting with your business goals.

In-depth Attribution & Reporting

In an evermore complex consumer and data landscape, the importance of robust attribution modelling cannot be overstated. With an emphasis on first party data, our focus in this area blends specific analytics-style attribution and econometric practices to ensure a holistic appreciation for what drives our customers’ success.

Cutting-edge Technology Partners

As highest-tier partners with industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook, we receive dedicated agency support and in-depth specialist training. 

Combining Automation & Human Intelligence

By combining complex data modelling and ML-powered predictive analytics, our data solutions infrastructure is constantly evolving to drive maximum return on investment for our client partners.

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