Data & Technology

Big Data, more than anything else, entails the use of the appropriate technology to handle the complexity of datasets that are beyond the scope of human analysts. But what technology is appropriate, how much is needed and when to apply it are very difficult questions to answer. Let TMI guide you through the best options for you.


Technology Partners

To complete any task successfully, the correct tools and skilled hands are required. The same applies for your business in this day and age where the ideal technology partner is required to get the job done. Search no further than TMI and the DoubleClick Suite.

Use of Data

Data shouldn’t just be captured and stored, but rather, it should be mined for insights and those insights should be deployed in continual campaign optimisations.


Integration & Automation

Automating important aspects of your digital marketing campaigns is, despite the connotations associated with the term, the very opposite of an agency abrogating its responsibility to engage in daily account monitoring, management and optimisation. Rather, it is the almost counter-intuitive and humbling admission that software is superior to human management in some areas and inferior in others. For the sake of their clients, human campaign managers must play to their strengths.

Attribution & Reporting

How does one determine where conversions and sales come from? One could simply guess… but thankfully you don’t have to with the Attribution and Reporting tools available at TMI. Sources of conversions and sales can be accurately identified by using a rule, or set of rules, commonly referred to as Attribution Modelling.