Strawberry Star Sales & Lettings is a Property Agency and a business division of Strawberry Star Group, which offers bespoke property services for new home buyers, off-plan investors, first-time buyers, international investors, landlords and tenants in London.

The Challenge

The client came to us with two problems. The first one was that they weren’t getting as much traffic to their main website and their visibility on Google wasn’t favorable. The second issue was that they had 4 mini sites, which were for each property development project they had running or upcoming, and these weren’t getting much organic traffic either. They approached us to assist with their two problems and improve their organic performance.

The intervention

After an assessment TMI proposed a solution to assist in increasing their visibility and organic traffic, which could fix both problems at the same time.

The solution was to migrate the project mini sites to the main site and then update the main site project pages to act like the pages found on the mini sites versions. During the project, TMI identified further opportunities to improve, which involved moving the main site over to HTTPS after the migration and assisting with improved SEO.

TMI successfully facilitated the migration together with the client’s web developers, as well as running a full technical SEO audit on the site, providing recommendations to further improve the main site’s crawlability, indexability on Google and insure the internal linking is in place, similar to the migrated mini sites


  • Overall organic sessions – Increased significantly post launch by 236%, and the organic sessions were maintained each month thereafter.
  • New organic sessions – New users to the main site increased significantly post launch by 235%
  • Organic sessions to the new project pages – Successfully migrated to the new pages, was proved with the significant increase of 559% more organic sessions post launch. This was maintained each month thereafter.
  • Organic sessions to the existing property pages enjoyed an increase of 34% post launch which previously had stagnated growth.
  • Keyword visibility was stagnate before launch, but this had a significant turn-around and increased dramatically two months post launch by 93%
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