Grosvenor Casinos – Fury vs Wilder Case Study – Knockout Results For A Rising Sportsbook Contender.

If you love a flutter at the casino then you have probably been to the Grosvenor before. They are the UK’s largest land-based casino operator, and in recent years have expanded their operations in the world of online sports betting. Their new sportsbook is slick and stylish, with an array of different markets to choose from.


We were briefed by the client to promote the Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder fight, using this as a test and learn opportunity to drive acquisition and capitalise on the nationwide interest around this boxing match. One thing unique about the campaign was that Grosvenor land-based Casinos already had a strong following of sports fans that use the Casino facilities to watch live events and wager in house. Thus, opportunity was rife to drive not only footfall but also to transition live customers to the site.

REsults Highlights

145% Growth in FTD’s

264% Increase in Conversion Rate 

-43% Decrease in CPA

-74% Further Decrease in CPA


1. Attention to Search Trends

Paying close attention to search terms that began appearing in SQRs from as early as August when the fight was announced, we also tracked the growth of keyword search volume in our internal reporting and were able to chart the unparalleled growth of queries in the build up to the fight.

2. Tightly themed ad groups – Clustering themed keywords

From experience with operators running similar event-specific campaigns, we knew how to effectively segment terms and apply them to tightly themed ad groups. In an operation where margins are everything, it was incredibly important to score the highest Quality Score. High relevance of ad copy to search terms was imperative in achieving this.


1. Ad Scheduling – The Importance Of Overnight Traffic

The fight took place at 5am in the morning UK time. Traffic was already spiking midway through the week before the fight yet much of this was research related with little to no commitment. As such, budget was concentrated towards the Friday evening and controlled by scripted hourly scheduling modifiers that helped to increase exposure of our ads in the hours leading up to and right before the first-round bell.

This pre-event planning paid considerable dividends:

  • 25% of FTD’s were driven in the 5 hours before the fight started

2. Trading Offer Strategy

Our offer strategy was to go to market with something strong and enticing that would help drive interest and provide choice to our target customers:

  • We promoted the offer across generic terms in a dual approach, allowing the freedom of choice. For boxer-specific terms, the idea was to promote the offer per boxer i.e. “fury odds” would display 7/1 Odds copy.
  • The offer was also promoted as “Paid in Cash”, a further USP enhancing its strength.

3. Landing Page and User Journey

The first we have seen of its kind. The landing page was split in half, with one side displaying Fury and the odds on him winning and the other displaying Wilder and the odds on him winning. Each side had a button to click out that sent the user to the next step of the conversion journey and this was themed according to which boxer was chosen. Each boxer’s offer was reemphasised on these pages which only served to increase the enticement to bet. Each page had a simple, step-by-step process that allowed the user to register and deposit seamlessly


  • Growth in FTD’s – 145% increase in FTD’s compared from the record biggest day in the account’s history.
  • Decrease in CPA – 43% decrease in CPA compared from the record biggest day in the account’s history.
  • Further Decrease in CPA -74% decrease in CPA compared to average monthly CPA.
  • Conversion rate Increase – 264% increase in Conversion rate compared to average for H2 2018.
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