TMI Nominated In The 1st European Search Diversity, Inclusion & Equality Award

By Grant Macfarlane – Founder & CEO

I am truly proud to announce that TMI has been shortlisted for the 2019 European Search Diversity, Inclusion & Equality Award. This year marks the first instance of this award which aims to celebrate an exceptional agency, in-house team or individual who is taking a positive approach to tackling issues on diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace. In late 2018 TMI achieved gender parity across our offices having doubled our staff complement in under 18 months. This was by no means a fortuitous outcome but rather the culmination of our deliberate and assiduous commitment to hire staff in the service of this goal. In addition, our transition to gender parity stemmed from a conviction that this was a noble end in itself as opposed to a means towards the end of a useful public relations milestone.

-Rowan Kleij, Parsha Hobbs and Roy Coughlan

The centrepiece of our awards submission was the career path at TMI of Account Director Parsha Hobbs. We framed her progression by way of a case study in gender inclusivity and female empowerment. This focus was informed by a combination of her professional success and Parsha’s active role as an advocate for substantive gender parity. On January the 14th 2019, all TMI’s employees started their workday with an uplifting and hugely important email from Parsha announcing that TMI had reached gender parity in our staff complement. Parsha has been with TMI since 2015 and oversees 20% of TMI’s employees across multiple accounts. Her biggest responsibility is the multinational company, New Avon LLC. Parsha assumed the lead on this account with less than 18 months experience in digital marketing and continues to impress the client with her extraordinary punctiliousness and rapid response times to problems that arise.

The awards will be presented at a gala dinner on 20 June in Budapest, which Parsha is likely to attend on TMI’s behalf. We wish her all the very best on the big night.

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