Toyota vs. Honda: Which is the Stronger Brand?

When we began our organic search research for (An online car sales company which represents a significant portion of motoring related traffic in South Africa), our findings led us to ask one very important question: which brand is stronger internationally — Honda or Toyota? Or, to put it plainly, which brand is better?

The Media Image Secures 2 Finalist Nominations in the 2019 Drum Search Awards

2019 Awards season continues and we are delighted to share the good news that TMI has been shortlisted for 2 categories in the Drum Search Awards. Please join me in hearty congratulations to Group Account Director Roy Coughlan and the iGaming team for this nomination in the Sports category with only 2 other contenders. Statistically speaking, we stand a 33% chance of winning which is very exciting because most of the other categories feature between 6 and 8 nominated finalists.

Google Mobile-pocalypse? What is the Algorithm Update all about?

Google\’s got some serious changes coming to its SEO algorithm next week. Mobile-friendly websites will be more important than ever for business searchability and there are real fears that a Google Mobile- pocalypse is almost here.

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