At Ad level you decide on the design of the advert – creative, text, call-to-action and landing page.



Typically, this begins with the design of the creatives when you are at ad level. You have several creative types that can be exploited – Static Images, Carousel, Animations & Videos. TMI aims to deploy eye-catching creatives, for example using faces and vibrant colours. This is the case as you are trying to make your ad stand out in a busy newsfeed. It is also important that you always A/B test your creative assets.


Concise copy tends to perform best. Copy that gets optimal engagement tends to have a description length between 100 to 250 characters. It’s important to get to the point quickly with a specific call-to-action, whether it’s a discount, event to attend or prompt to find out more about the product.


Landing Page

It is important to utilise landing pages intelligently, as this improves the overall user journey. This is another way of educating the user more before making a purchase.