Utilising data correctly is fundamental to our business. Whether it be developing an audience or a content strategy, the data remains the ultimate driving force behind our approach. Content Marketing creates social noise and boosting your brand’s SEO value. Our team begins by immersing themselves in your brand, the data available and creating content that is both engaging and relevant.


Content is “King” in the words of Bill Gates

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting”. Bill Gates was correct when he predicted this in 1996, more than a decade ago, and it remains true today. TMI has a team of talented content specialists that thrive on being creative with data and insights and developing smart, intuitive content; whether it’s long form, interactive, video or blog form, we can assist with your every content need, ensuring that you reach business objectives.

Create relevant, informative, intuitive content

To create relevant, informative content, all data needs to be observed, from keyword research to trends in niches, but you also need to be familiar with your client’s audience and their needs. In order to produce the best, we create content relevant to what’s going on with the world. We prioritise your brand’s voice while keeping track of upcoming trends. Then our team finds clever, unique and appropriate ways to see where your brand can fit.


Performance driven content

Great content requires the marrying of data and creativity. TMI’s content specialists are data consumers yet creative at heart, ensuring that the content delivered to our clients is data driven with the purpose of adding value to their websites. Content can be easily lost in the wide space of the internet. We use tactful methods to make sure your content reaches the right target audience. We work to form relationships with the right sources, while making sure your brand’s message gets across.