Optimal performance is essential, our content undergoes consistent and rigorous evaluation to ensure it meets the necessary criteria matched to each individual client.


Increase visibility in the SERPs

Our approach to on-page optimisation is extensive, and goes far beyond just advising on where and how to place keywords. How do you get potential customers to have the best experience on your website? Optimise, optimise and optimise. Regular reviews and analysis of website pages and their performance allows us as a division to implement the next steps for optimisation, generating you even better results over time.

Optimised content lies at the heart of SEO

As content lies at the heart of SEO, our content and SEO teams work closely together to consistently improve the performance of our client’s website pages through optimisation.


Validate content with the voice of an influencer

Outreach now also referred to as digital PR is a powerful discipline, and we have built a highly skilled and dedicated team to work on our clients’ business. Our team consists of experts from a PR and social media background as well as from SEO. To create authentic credible content which can be marketed, we work with experts of all fields to validate our clients content and position them as experts in their respective field. The content and outreach team at TMI works with academics, researchers, business owners and all other company representatives, to ensure that the highest quality content is delivered at all times.