Habito – Paid SOcial Case Study

Habito is the UK’s Number 1 Digital Mortgage Broker, allowing homebuyers to find a mortgage using an artificial intelligence chatbot instead of through traditional methods.

Objective & Strategy

Habito is a unique player in the mortgage application market, providing an easy and impartial online broker service. As a start-up, brand awareness and audience reach were key. With a different, younger tone of voice than traditional brokers, we pushed spend where we could make the biggest impact: Facebook and Instagram.

Targeting & Personalisation

To provide an in depth understanding of how different audiences interacted with Habito’s messaging, we made granular segmentations to ad set targeting. Breaking out different lookalike audiences from a vast mixture of interest targeting and using similar imagery allowed for us to directly compare like for like results. Once we understood our most valuable audiences we were able to create bespoke ad copy informed by these attributes.

Creative & Message Testing

Once we established the best performing audiences we wanted to address another challenge, what messaging would create the most impact and would lead users to have a better understanding of the product as well as entice users to convert. Having tested videos with different starter images, alternating calls to action, trialing different USPs and more we were able to increase the CTR by 77%.

Matching Online Data With Offline Activity

Digital activity never runs in a vacuum and it’s important for businesses to have visibility over the impact that all mediums provide. To help the client get a better grasp of what their offline activity was providing them in terms of new user search volume, we overlaid Brand data over the past year with the corresponding dates that PR and radio were live. We were able to provide Habito with an analysis of which campaigns sparked more online interest and therefore led to higher levels of conversions.


  • On Paid Social from August to September we increased CTR by 77% whilst increasing click volume by 156%.
  •  We were also able to do this whilst also increasing our reach by 45% month on month.
  • With more effective targeting and tactical use of imagery, we were effectively able to decrease the Cost Per Sign Up by 36%.
  • At the same time, we also managed to increase top line sign up volume by 107%.
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