BGO casino

Launched in 2013, bgo has enjoyed meteoric success and taken the UK casino space by storm with their tongue-in-cheek TV campaigns and award-winning CRM. A mobile first focus has established bgo as the leading online casino for mobile gaming and continued innovation in product development keeps players coming back for more to “beat the boss”!

Objective(s) & budget

bgo Casino enjoyed massive success off the back of their “Beat The Boss” TV campaign, however with more and more competition in the UK casino space, bgo was now looking to better understand the full ROI of advertising budgets. A full on-boarding onto the DoubleClick stack allowed us to really dive into the data and leverage specific insights around audience segmentation, cross-device attribution and custom bidding algorithms according to ROI metrics.

Player Profiling by Search Terms

With CPC’s increasing YoY, we needed to make sure budget is invested into the highest-ROI segments. Since search terms are typically the strongest indication of an individual’s intention to purchase or not, it was the ideal starting point in projecting expected customer value. Through extensive profiling of customers by keyword clusters, we were able to formulate a custom bidding strategy which ultimately increased monthly ROI by 218%.

Player Profiling by Search Terms

With bgo investing significantly into TV, monitoring the Brand results was crucial in order to minimise opportunistic competitor bidding. Best-in-class adcopy implementation and aggressive counter-strategies allowed us to reduce Brand CPC’s by 55%!

Mobile UX

Casino related searches from Mobile devices has more than doubled over the past 2 years, which meant we needed a mobile solution that would reflect this, and also drive a similar quality of player that to what we’ve seen come through desktop. Our mobile specific solution not only resulted in greater player numbers, but also a 262% increase in the average deposit value of these players.


  • -55% Decrease in PPC
  • +262% Increase in Deposit Values
  • +35% Increase in ROI
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