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Our Values

Digital can be a scary landscape to navigate, complete with complicated acronyms, restricted access accounts and rows upon rows of excel data – however, that’s not the way we do business.

At TMI, we’d like to see ourselves as an enabler for better digital performance and not as a roadbloack to your online success! We always strive to be honest and transparent in all dealings with our clients because we recognise that our business relationships are the basis for our success. Where knowledge gaps exist, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that they have the know-how to effectively evaluate our performance and can trust our reporting and feedback.

Whilst our main focus is always on your core KPI’s we like to do routine reviews of our “softer” deliverables – such as pro-activity, turn around times, accuracy and professionalism – to get a full understanding of where we can best add value to our client relationship.

We’d like to believe that it’s because of this focus on creating lasting & successfull business relationships that we can uniquely claim a client retention rate of over 92% in the industry.

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