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Coral is a leading high-street bookmaker in the UK and as part of the Gala Coral group forms part of one of the pre-eminent integrated betting and gaming companies in Europe.

Client:Coral Casino
Date: 2015
Project URL:
Objective: The objective was to prove that we could both increase spend volume whilst maintaining or decreasing CPA over the course of the financial year, against a challenging CPA target which was around 27% lower than the industry standard. This target was even more challenging given that the Casino vertical has seen immense pressures on CPC’s over the last 18 months, with some of them reaching upwards of £150/click!
Strategy: With limited initial budgets, the decision was made to focus on making each click count, with a extremely focused approach around maximising conversion rate, lowering CPCs by focusing on long-tail terms to avoid the most expensive auctions, and maximising Quality Score.
DoubleClick Search Bid Rules
Landing Page Development
Custom Ad Copy
DoubleClick Search Bid Rules

Initially, we identified and added 13,120 long-tail Keywords to the account. To ensure bid’s were aggressively optimised, we utilised DoubleClick Search Positional Bid rules, which gave us up to 2 bid changes per hour across the entire build!

This allowed us to effectively identify the trade-off between click conversion rate and average position through extensive testing. Effectively, the higher the position that the click came in, the more likely it was to convert. We were able to identify an optimal position, in terms of CPA, that balanced click price and conversion rate.

Landing Page Development

We further optimised both conversion rate and Quality Score by introducing granular, highly customised landing pages across the account. In conjunction with the client, we produced landing pages specific to casino games such as roulette and blackjack, and individual slots games.

Custom Ad Copy

We wanted to make CTR as high as possible to both raise Quality Score and hence drop CPC, and to drive sufficient long-tail click volume. To achieve this, we used highly customised and relevant Ad Copy which resulted in us compiling 2800 unique ads in the account across 3000 active ad groups.

With the guidance and support of our search partner TMI, Coral have managed to double our PPC budget and retain CPA rates across multi- platforms on mobile and desktop, leading to a 500% return on investment within 12 months. This talented agency have an extensive and cutting edge knowledge on the strategies required to transform PPC into one of the most cost effective acquisition channels for big businesses like Coral.

Their 24 hour support and meticulous account management make them the perfect agency for an ever-evolving industry like gaming.

Alexis Zamboglou, Head Of Digital - Coral

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