Carloan4U is one of the UK’s leading car finance brokers, handling over £13,000,000 in loans each month [January 2014 data].

Diving into the data

Adopting the Doubleclick technology stack for smarter optimisation decisions

When TMI took over the Carloan4U account, it was clear that we were on-boarding an established account around which the client had already developed a substantial knowledge base – if we wanted to impress these guys, we’d have to come up with something above-and-beyond your everyday “best-practice-ppc” – implementation!

Following an extensive account restructure, we looked at where we could add the most value and found that there was a significant appetite around getting more data-driven insights from the paid search activity…as such, Carloan4U was the perfect client to appreciate the advanced optimisation, reporting and attribution capabilities that the Doubleclick Search stack offers!

In a very short space of time, TMI has delivered superb results helping Carloan4U grow their PPC account without compromising on KPIs such as CPAs
Zahid Hussain, Head Of Paid Media
Automated Bid Optimisation
3rd Party Data Import
A/B Testing

The objective was simple. To master the use of programmatic bid management to literally break records for the client – Car Loan 4u. Car Loan 4u is a car finance applications re-seller servicing the UK market. Our analytical team’s research had led to a firm conviction that the new generation of machine learning PPC software could be harnessed to help us enter new territory.

Automated Bid Optimisation
With accurate conversion and revenue data now feeding into Doubleclick, we set up formula columns to keep track of labels across the account and segment keywords into buckets based on profitability. Based on this, we rolled out individual bid strategies for each segment, which utilize Doubleclick’s advanced bid optimisation algorithms to push out the most optimal bid to the engines! Result: A 23% drop in cost per lead!
3rd Party Data Import
Leveraging the customisation capabilities of Doubleclick’s Floodlight tag, we were able to tie up online conversion data with offline sales data – for the first time, the client now had full visibility across the entire conversion process!

But we didn’t stop there! With some slight modifications to the data import, we were also able to pass back the margin Carloan4U made on each deal and could attribute this back at keyword-level, allowing us segment the entire account into granular segments based on projected ROI and adjust our investments against these accordingly!

A/B Testing
With so much additional data at our disposal, we worked with the client to develop a rigorours testing framework for landing pages, ad copy and keyword selection.

Deep-diving into the mobile conversion journey, we managed to boost conversion rates by more than 35% in a segment that is projected to grow at tripple-digits in 2014! And since measurement is the first step to optimisation success, we set up Automated reports on Quality Score developments to keep our team updated on their performance and hungry for incremental improvements!

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Programmatic bidding broke records for Car Loan 4U for two very important reasons. Firstly, TMI took the time and effort to upskill to the point of being able to understand the complexity of the DoubleClick Search platform.

Secondly, this knowledge allowed us to effectively harness the heavy-lifting capabilities of machine learning bid management while freeing up time for internal analysis that we could leverage to chase targets even more aggressively. The numbers don’t lie.

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