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SERPS Snakes and Ladders – The game all businesses play

When you’re in the business of digital marketing the entire process can feel like a game of chess. There’s both science and art behind it and for a lot of us there’s nothing more exciting than the challenge of taking
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The Mechanics of Content in the World of Online Marketing

I thought it appropriate to start off this article by paying homage to one of the content marketing kings Joe Pulizzi himself, from the Content Marketing Institute. I came across an article in which he discussed the fundamental differences between
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The Graphic Designer’s Survival Guide

There are many things a graphic designer can’t do without. These are a few essentials that make or break creativity when the pressure is on. And, although we all have different preferences and pre-conceived expectations of our err… monitor size,
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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been defined as one of the bigger marketing opportunities that businesses need to latch onto for the decade to come. It has been deemed as an emerging technique whose time has come. In marketing terms, the world
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Why Your Clients Don’t Understand Content Marketing

In terms of digital marketing, most South African companies remain years behind the US and UK. There are several reasons for this, but the root of it all comes down to domestic Internet penetration levels. Because of this, there’s simply
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