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When ad text clearly shouldn’t have shown there…

Building AdWords campaigns, especially for large accounts, can be a tedious affair that leaves little time or willpower to write custom ads across hundreds of segmented ad groups. Thankfully, there are various tools and tricks one can use to create
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DS Executive Reporting

As a PPC’er, it is likely that you will, at some point, be required to submit a performance report of sorts – be it to a client, line manager or colleague. Manual reporting can be time consuming; detracting from the
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Engagement Ads and why they should be part of your display strategy

We live in a world where advertising is everywhere. Our TV screens, magazines, streets and especially the digital environment are filled with it. So how do we break through the information overload, data smog and cyber clutter? How can we
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How SA’s PPC Industry Growth Is Changing the Way Agencies Select Employees

In order to set the scene . . .   For advertisers, the spread of the internet and the rising affluence of emerging-market consumers will propel business, which will grow by 4.9%. Out of total revenue of $515bn, internet advertising
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10 Tips For The PPC Noob

You know that cliché ‘we all have to start somewhere’? It’s not something you particularly care to hear as you are urgently trying to finish up a full ad copy refresh and figuring out where on Earth to pull a
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Adwords Vs DoubleClick for Search

While most digital advertisers are familiar with Google Adwords, less are aware of DoubleClick (DS) and its advantages to PPC advertisers. While there are many incarnations in the DoubleClick Suite, the simplest and often most effective DoubleClick Product is DoubleClick for
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Back to Basics: Best Practices for Structuring your Keywords

Adam Wordsmith stares at his unshaven, weathered face in the mirror. “Open an AdWords account  they said. It’s easy they said. Your revenue will double overnight they said.” Six months down the line and Adam, owner of Adam’s Trampolines, hasn’t
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AdWords Seller Ratings Gone? Here’s How To Get Them Back!

On Friday 16th, the stars went out across a large portion of the UK Serps with many advertisers seeing the coveted AdWords Seller Rating stars disappear…. The change comes as Google reviewed the way they pull in the 3rd party
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Making Sense Of Google’s Enhanced Campaigns

On February 06, 2013 Google announced the introduction of possibly one of the most fundamental change to its AdWords platform – the rollout of the so-called Enhanced Campaigns. The update aims to make it easier for search marketers to target
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Google Think Mobile 2012

Last week, TMI was lucky enough to be invited to attend Google’s Think Mobile event – now in its 4th year running – and join the expert panel of industry leaders and digital mavericks in a full day immersion into

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