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Google To Remove Right Hand Side Ads On Desktop?

As a digital marketing agency we are constantly monitoring SERPs for new trends and competitive advantages we can utilise. Although there has been sporadic speculation in recent times on signficant SERP changes from Google’s side, it seems these may materialise sooner than later

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The Media Image Shortlisted For 2 Awards at the 2016 IAB SA Bookmark Awards

The finalists for the 2016 iteration of the IAB Bookmark Awards were announced on the 16th of February and we are excited to announce that two of our submissions in the Paid Search Marketing category have been selected by the judges as

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The Media Image wins Best Small PPC Agency at UK Search Awards 2015!

We are thrilled to announce that we have won the Best Small PPC Agency award at this year’s iteration of the prestigious UK Search Awards, which took place on the 26th of November in London. The description for the category reads

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PPC Best Practice: Landing Page Considerations

Having compelling ads and keywords in dominant positions on the SERP is meaningless if you are driving traffic to an inadequate landing page. Below is a breakdown of various elements to consider when creating PPC landing pages in order to

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A guide to Gmail Sponsored Promotions [GSP]

Gmail Sponsored Promotions [GSP] was launched in 2013 as a Google Beta ad format that provided a new way to connect and engage with users within their Gmail.  This ad format shows an expandable teaser ad above the Promotions tab

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Facebook Twitter mobile

How Facebook & Twitter are adapting to mobile users who share videos

With the rise of people using mobiles and tablets as opposed to desktop computers for Facebook and Twitter, social media marketers are adapting their strategies to cater to mobile device users. Big changes are afoot for the likes of Facebook and

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Countdown AdCopy: A Quick How-to

A development in AdWords that took place a few months ago was the ability for advertisers to customize their ad copy by adding dynamic parameters that would automatically update your copy in real time with a countdown. This is a

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competitor bidding

Guidelines for Competitor Bidding

Should You Do It? Guidelines for Competitor Bidding A dilemma that advertisers often face when looking for ways to improve their account’s performance is whether to bid on competitors or not. Intuitively, it makes sense; it is much cheaper on

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Upgraded Url Image

Tracking Made Easier: AdWords Introduces Upgraded URLs

TL;DR In summary, Upgraded URLs will have a significant impact on how we create and track URLs, and is a positive step towards increased efficiency and ease in tracking management. However, being well prepared for this change and having a

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Advanced PPC Tactics For iGaming

£180 per click….yes, that’s a scary number! And to be fair, it is the highest we’ve seen in the auctions for online casino keywords, but it does highlight one thing – the competition in the online gaming space is heating
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